2013-03-24 Marcin Krol- missing extensions master
2012-12-22 Bartosz Świątek- pub
2012-07-27 Bartosz ŚwiątekMerge branch 'master' of
2012-07-27 Bartosz Świątek- add kdesdk
2012-07-15 Bartosz Świątek- xserver-server needs to be built before all drivers...
2012-07-11 Bartosz Świątek- add xcb-proto before libxcb
2012-07-11 Bartosz Świątek- finally found it on a backup of a long gone request...
2012-07-10 Marcin Krol- moved to separate repo
2012-07-09 Marcin Krol- proper TLD settings
2012-07-09 Marcin Krol- from
2012-03-05 Bartosz Świątek- add kactivities
2012-01-24 Marcin Krol- moved to wiki
2012-01-24 Michał Lisowski- kdeaccessibility and kdeutils have bben replaced...
2012-01-24 Michał Lisowski- added kdetoys
2012-01-24 Michał Lisowski- some new packages
2012-01-24 Michał Lisowski- added analitza
2012-01-23 Michał Lisowski- libkexiv2 before kdeartwork
2012-01-23 Michał Lisowski- python-PyKDE4 before kdeadmin
2012-01-16 Bartosz Świątek- rearranged
2012-01-16 Bartosz Świątek- add ksaneplugin
2012-01-15 Bartosz Świątek- python-PyKDE4 before kdeutils
2012-01-14 Bartosz Świątek- updated, finished current git stat
2012-01-12 Bartosz Świątek- updated
2012-01-12 Bartosz Świątek- updated
2012-01-12 Bartosz Świątek- new, NFY
2011-11-29 Marcin Rybak- ssh part explained
2011-10-05 Michał Lisowski- explanation how to configure git globally
2011-10-04 lisu- added one more item to the list of things to be remov...
2011-09-29 Bartosz Świątek- add example
2011-09-29 Bartosz Świątek- fix 'description' howto
2011-09-21 Bartosz Świątek- add section on what to remove in specs
2011-09-20 Bartosz Świątek- is my name utf8 now?
2011-09-20 Bartosz Swiatek- don't forget about email alias
2011-09-20 Bartosz Swiatek- typo
2011-09-20 Bartosz Swiatek- credit
2011-09-20 Bartosz Swiatek- new, howtos for gti admins
2011-09-19 Bartosz- chchchchangeeeees :)
2011-09-19 Bartosz- howto simply restore all deleted files
2011-09-18 Marcin Krol- updated
2011-09-18 Marcin Krol- moved from how-tos.git
2011-06-21 Marcin Krol- my SSH key
2011-06-21 Marcin Krol- my PGP key
2011-06-21 Marcin Krol- init