2021-05-09 Marcin Krol- release 17 master
2021-05-09 Marcin Krol- fix systemd exclude check regex
2021-03-20 Marcin Krol- cosmetics
2021-03-20 Marcin Krol- we now use prefix tld for pkgrevs
2021-03-20 Marcin Krol- drop tagging entirely
2021-03-20 Marcin Krol- drop tagging and tag checking, TLD uses pkgrevs
2021-03-20 Marcin Krol- move defines from command line to separate variable
2021-03-20 Marcin Krol- release 16
2021-03-20 Marcin Krol- move setting pkgrev right after package is built
2021-03-20 Marcin Krol- release 15
2021-03-20 Marcin Krol- fix sed to disallow macro multiplication on multiple...
2021-03-20 Marcin Krol- add tld macro to release when building to allow relea...
2021-03-20 Marcin Krol- release 14
2021-03-20 Marcin Krol- instead of disabling just systemd bcond, parse and...
2021-03-20 Marcin Krol- always disable systemd bcond at build time
2021-03-20 Marcin Krol- exclude systemd related directories at build time
2021-03-19 Marcin Krol- merged PLD changes
2021-02-27 Marcin Krol- PLD merge
2020-10-29 Marcin Krol- merged PLD changes
2019-01-15 Marcin Krol- drop attic distfiles support, attic no longer exists
2016-07-27 Marcin Krol- url fix
2014-09-27 Marcin Krol- added command to list pkgrevs (former auto tags)
2014-09-26 Marcin Krol- allow build if requested tag matches current head
2014-09-26 Marcin Krol- release 11
2014-09-26 Marcin Krol- auto tagging is history, support pkgrevs
2013-08-01 Marcin Krol- disable color logging, color codes make buildlogs...
2013-07-16 Marcin Krol- PLD merge... hope nothing will got broken
2012-10-25 Marcin Krol- merged changes from PLD
2012-08-10 Bartosz Świątek- -q is better than >/dev/null
2012-08-10 Bartosz Świątek- git pul is overkill, use git fetch --tags instead...
2012-07-11 Marcin Krol- back to .sh files
2012-07-11 Marcin Krol- mv
2012-07-11 Marcin Krol- merged from PLD, tldized
2012-07-11 Marcin Krol- back to rpm-build-tools repo
2012-07-10 Bartosz Świątek- argh, that shouldn't shift, it doesn't take any values
2012-07-10 Bartosz Świątek- add -s, --skip-pull option to skip git pull when...
2012-07-10 Bartosz Świątek- pull before geting tag ;)
2012-07-10 Bartosz Świątek- works with git, call in main rpm dir (symlink)
2012-07-10 Bartosz Świątek- fix -at option with git (get last git tag)
2012-07-09 Marcin Krol- allow manually specifying if PLD or TLD git/df should...
2012-07-09 Marcin Krol- changelog fix
2012-07-09 Marcin Krol- no need for separate builder scripts and wrapper
2012-07-09 Marcin Krol- tldized
2012-07-09 Marcin Krol- git version of PLD builder
2012-07-09 Marcin Krol- we want symlinks created automagically
2012-07-09 Marcin Krol- no longer needed
2012-07-09 Marcin Krol- PLD now uses git
2012-07-09 Marcin Krol- tldized
2012-07-09 Marcin Krol- git version of PLD builder, unchanged
2012-07-09 Marcin KrolMerge branch 'master' of
2012-07-09 Marcin Krol- git version of PLD builder script
2012-07-07 Bartosz Świątek- cosmetics
2012-07-07 Bartosz Świątek- new
2012-07-07 Bartosz ŚwiątekMerge branch 'master' of
2012-07-07 Bartosz Świątek- new
2012-06-25 Marcin Krol- wrapper for TLD GIT/PLD CVS builder script
2012-06-24 Marcin Krol- for our anonymous git
2012-04-12 Marcin Krol- use df alias mail
2012-01-16 Michał Lisowski- update from pld cvs
2011-10-04 Bartosz Świątek- fixed when everything went fine
2011-10-04 Bartosz Świątek- add a nice output for what to install
2011-10-04 Michał Lisowskidon't search for login in CVS dir, NFY
2011-10-04 lisu- added script to fetch sources from dropin
2011-10-03 Bartosz Świątek- change to tld distfiles
2011-08-16 lisu- do not enter to REPO_DIR when cloning package repo
2011-08-16 lisu- clone packages repos to ~/rpm/packages
2011-08-16 lisu- copied from PLD cvs
2011-07-13 Marcin Krol- by default create symlinks for tools
2011-07-13 Marcin Krol- s/rpm-build-tools/scripts
2011-07-13 Marcin Krol- GITed builder script